2sxe4u Promoz Model Management ABN 33 551 782 552 Terms & Conditions GENERAL 1. The website www.2sxe4u.com is owned and operated by 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management, thus all rights to the intellectual properties and its content remain the property of 2sxe4u Promoz unless otherwise stated. 2sxe4u Promoz grants you access to the website conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with all the Terms and Conditions including any disclaimers contained herein and upon your acceptance and understanding of our Privacy Policy. Your use of the website constitutes that you have read, acknowledge and will abide by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you do not acknowledge and do not wish to abide by these, then discontinue use of this website. 2. To accept the conditions in the above section on behalf of a company or other entity, you must have the authority of that company or entity to accept the conditions on behalf of your employer. All clients who have entered into any agreement or contract with 2sxe4u Promoz, these terms apply to the use of the site in addition to any additional terms contained in the agreement/contract. You will be held responsible for the misuse of this site by any of your employees. 3. 2sxe4u Promoz reserves the right to update and amend the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy at any time. This amendment will be effective immediately once it appears on the site. Please periodically check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to familiarize yourself with any changes as your continued use of the website constitutes an affirmative acknowledgement by you that you understand and accept any new modifications and that you are bound and will abide by these changes. 4. This website may contain hyperlinks to other third party websites. The inclusion of these links does not necessarily imply an endorsement (unless otherwise stated) by 2sxe4u Promoz of that linked website, its content, products, services and information. Such third party websites are not under control of 2sxe4u Promoz and the link to any such website is entirely at your own risk and any legal relationship with that website is directly related to the ownership of that website. This agreement does not apply to such third party websites and you should refer to the terms and conditions of the website in question. 5. This website, its contents, information, intellectual properties, text, photographs and pictures, graphic, software, advertising and any other materials not stated directly here are owned by 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management and are under Copyright unless expressly indicated in writing or stated on the website. The unauthorized use of any of the items stated above is prohibited without strict permission of 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management in writing. The modification, copying, reproduction, downloading, uploading to a third party, transmitting or distributing any material without the authorization by 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management will be considered unlawful and will referred to our legal department to pursue the matter. 6. You must at all times have authorisation in writing from 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management to use its contents, information, intellectual properties, text, photographs and pictures, graphic, software, advertising and any other materials not stated directly here in any advertisement or promotion. All clients of 2sxe4u Promoz receive this authorisation as part of their agreement/contract with 2sxe4u Promoz. Any future breach by the client of the Term and Conditions of the agreement/contract may render this authorisation null and void. 7. All rights not expressly granted in the Terms and Conditions are reserved. 8. Under the Terms and Conditions for the use of this website, you agree to indemnify its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses including reasonable legal fees that may arise out of your use of this website or any breach by you or your representatives to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. 9. 2sxe4u Promoz makes no representation that the website and its content comply with any or all laws of any country outside Australia . If you access this website outside Australia , it is your responsibility for ensuring that by accessing this site you are not in any violation of any laws pertaining to your country. 2sxe4u Promoz does not take responsibility for you violating your countries laws. 10. This agreement will be construed and governed by and according to the laws of each State and Territory of Australia with giving effect to any principles of conflict of law. You agree by using this website to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals in your State or Territory. 11. The failure of 2sxe4u Promoz to exercise or enforce rights or provisions of the Terms and Condition or the Privacy Policy does not constitute a waiver of such rights unless agreed to by 2sxe4u Promoz in writing. 12. 2sxe4u Promoz reserve the right to ask a new client to pre-pay the fee associated with the job before the job begins. BOOKING A 2SXE4U MODEL & DANCER 13. MINIMUM HIRE REQUIREMENTS * A minimum hire of 3 hours applies to all bookings 14. TENTATIVE BOOKINGS Tentative bookings will automatically be removed from the priority booking listing when they are not confirmed within 48 hours after enquiry is made. The enquiry will then be place into limbo booking listing until the date of the job or confirmation of the job is obtained. Enquiries on the limbo listing will not receive priority on the choice of personnel unless that personnel has not been booked on another booking at the time of confirmation. 15. CONFIRMATION No job shall commence until the agency receives confirmation of your agreement via email to the booking details and the terms and conditions. 16. PAYMENT * Client will be required to pay our Model in the form of CASH on the day. Immediately upon arrival at your booking, prior to any photography, promotional, podium dancing services taking place. * Administration and Agency Booking Fee MUST be made in the form of DIRECT DEPOSIT, within 7 days once you have given us the 'go ahead' in placing your booking through our system this in turn secures your booking. 16.1 Travel: Payment may be requested in advance for travel and accommodation expenses. 16.2 Parking: If no alternative parking is available on site work, a fee will be added to the invoice to cover any parking costs. 16.3 Overtime and extra hour's rates will be negotiated at the time. 17. TRAINING RATES Should a 2sxe4u personnel need to be present for any training for any length of time. The hourly rate of pay will be at 60% of the general hourly rate. 18. CANCELLATION FEE'S * Cancellation of your booking after you have made an agreement with our agency and after it has been placed into our booking system will result in forfeiting your full ‘Administration and Agency Booking Fee’ Deposit. 19. PHOTOGRAPHY, PROMOTIONS AND PODIUM DANCING Rates for photography, promotions and podium dancing will depend on the choice of attire and level of body parts visible to the public eye. Payment of the agreed fee confers the right to make use of personnels services during the booked assignment at the specified location/venue. 20. FASHION MODELING/ SHOWS Rates for Fashion modeling will depend on what type fashion is being modeled from general clothing to high class gowns to lingerie to swimwear. Payment of the agreed fee confers the right to make use of model's services on the catwalk for the specified show and the right to use photographs and videos of the show for reporting purposes only. Any other usage must be negotiated at the time of booking. 21. VIDEOS, DVD, WEBSITE IMAGES The normal daily rate will apply for once off use only. 2sxe4u Promoz utilize a different rate structure for multi use images. Rather than the client paying a secondary rate to buy the image for further use, we have a multi use rate that allows the client freedom to use the images as many times as they like. 22. COPYRIGHT The photographer, not the client (unless otherwise advised in a signed release), holds copyright to images. A release form must be signed by the photographer. All usage must be stated prior to the assignment and fees must be negotiated with the Agency for further usage. 23. ADDITIONAL FEES Additional fees may apply for time to time and will be negotiated between 2sxe4u Promoz and the client at the time. 24. TEST AND EXPERIMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY Any photographs taken for test or experimental purposes remain the property of 2sxe4u Promoz unless otherwise arranged. A photographer is not entitled to use experimental photographs for commercial purposes unless specific arrangements have been made in writing with the agency prior to the photographic session. 25. DISSATISFACTION PROCEDURE Should a client be dissatisfied with any 2sxe4u Promoz staff member, then the following needs to be adhered to; 25.1) In the event that the Client is not satisfied with the Personnel provided by the Agency or any 2sxe4u Promoz Personnel breaches any general code of conduct, the Client must notify the Agency within the first 3 hours of the event starting and relay the reasons for the dissatisfaction. 25.2) The Client will have deemed to have accepted the 2sxe4u Promoz Personnel supplied if they do not notify the agency. Any claims made later that they were not happy with the personnel will be rejected and the client will not be able to claim a discount or reject the personnel. 26. COMPLAINTS All complaints are to be reported to 2sxe4u Promoz immediately or as soon as they are known. Complaints cannot be considered in retrospect. 27. LIABILITY The Agency shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Client. 28. RESTRICTIONS ON DIRECT ENGAGEMENT OF THE AGENCIES STAFF The Client agrees not to directly employ the Agencies Staff within 12 months of the last day of the booking. Most if not all 2sxe4u Promoz Personnel are under contract with specific out clauses. If the Client does employ or engage the Personnel, the Client will be liable to pay the Agency a commission at its then current rates. 29. INSURANCE The agent is not responsible if the model/dancer fails to attend the booking. While a replacement or refund will be offered (for pre-paid clients), the client is advised to insure against any loss which might result if the model/dancer does not keep a booking because of ill health or some other reason. 30. FINANCIAL The client agrees to keep all financial issues strictly confidential and agrees to only discuss rates with the Agency. 31. STAFF CHOICE We offer the client the choice to choose the Staff Member – however, it is advised to book early to avoid disappointment. 32. WEBSITE COPYRIGHT All intellectual properties on this website are copyright to 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management. All rights reserved. No reproduction, distribution, or transmission of the copyrighted materials in this site is permitted at any time. 33. FORM COMPLETION If the site requires you to complete any form and send it back to us via email. Please complete the forms completely providing current accurate information to the best of your knowledge. Any form will be placed in suspension if the information is found to be inaccurate, not current or false and misleading until new information is provided or the current information is proven. PLEASE NOTE * Uncontrollable factors such as bad weather, traffic and delays at previous jobs can impact on travel time, so for personnel bookings, please allow for 20 minutes' grace after your requested start time as they are usually travelling between many jobs on any given day. Your flexibility is much appreciated. * The client upon booking with 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management accepts and agrees to the following terms of liability: That 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management acts as a booking agent that engages the services of Independent Contractors (Models, both Photographic and Promotional and Podium Dancers). The Contractor is totally responsible for providing her own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the Contractor may incur. 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management accepts no responsibility or liability for any action of a Contractor in the performance of the Contract with Highroller Glamours Australia. Therefore, any injury to persons or damage to property caused by a Contractor is a legal matter between the Client and the Contractor. * You cannot touch the personnel at any time. * 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management is purely a Model Agency providing Models, both Photographic and Promotional and Podium Dancers. Our personnel DO NOT perform any SEXUAL services. Nor do they offer any ESCORT services. * If the rules are broken, the personnel reserve the right to leave immediately without notice, and no refund will be given. As the booking organiser, it is your responsibility to ensure both you and your own personnel present at the booked assignment are aware of the Terms and Conditions. E-mail: [email protected] Copyright 2012 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management. All rights reserved.

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